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Rezi-Weld Gel Paste State




NO. 391S-PD


SEALTIGHT REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE is a high viscosity, two-component, rapid setting epoxy compound designed for general concrete repair work. It is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply non-sag gel ideal for filling cracks, anchoring dowels, making small patches and general repairs in horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces.

When used as an adhesive, SEALTIGHT REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE fills all voids between the surfaces to be bonded, whereas a liquid epoxy adhesive might run out and reduce the bond area. SEALTIGHT REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE is also suitable for surface sealing prior to pressure injecting.

SEALTIGHT REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE is a moisture insensitive, high-modulus, high-strength, non-sagging and trowel-grade epoxy. It is VOC compliant and color coded to help assure proper mixing.



Consistency: ASTM C 881 PASS
Slant Shear Bond Strength ASTM C 882
@ 2 Days
@ 14 Days
3,000 PSI (19.3 MPa)
3,800 PSI (20.7 MPa)
Absorption ASTM D 570 0.84%
Heat Deflection Temperature ASTM D 648 125ºF (51.7ºC)
Linear Coefficient of Shrinkage ASTM D 2566  
Compressive Yield Strength: ASTM D 695
@ 7 Days
10,500 PSI (72.4 MPa)
Compressive Modulus: ASTM D 695
@ 7 Days
500,000 PSI (3,448 MPa)

MIX RATIO 1:1 By Volume
POT LIFE 5-10 Minutes at 77ºF
CURE TIME 7 Days at 77ºF
COVERAGE 1 Gallon Neat yields 231 cubic inches

10 Gallon (37.85 liter) Units
20 Ounce (591 milliliter) Unitized Cartridges

ASTM C 881 Type I, II, IV, & V
  Grade 3, Classes B & C
AASHTO M 235 Type I, II, IV & V
  Grade 3, Classes B & C
I.C.B.O.-E.S. E.R. #5000
City of Los Angeles R.R. #25247

All surfaces to be bonded must be free of standing water and completely clean of dirt, rust, curing compounds, grease, oil, paint, and unsound materials which would prevent a solid bond. Concrete should be cleaned by light mechanical abrading to form a sound surface. Vacuum or blow away dust with oil-free compressed air. Smooth surfaces, such as wood, require sanding or other mechanical abrasion. Exposed steel surfaces should be sandblasted and vacuumed clean . . . if not possible, degrease the surface and use sandpaper or a wire brush to reveal continuous, bright metal.

Condition all components to 60º-85ºF for 24 hours prior to use. Pre-mix each component. Mechanically mix at slow speed (600-900rpm) using a drill and Jiffy® Blade or drum mixer for 3 minutes or until completely mixed while scraping the sides to ensure complete blending of components. The mixed product should be uniform gray in color and not show streaks. Avoid air entrapment. Mix only very small quantities by hand for a minimum of 3 minutes or until sufficiently blended together using the supplied stirring stick. Scrape the sides of the container to ensure complete blending of the components. Mix only the amount of epoxy that can be applied within the product’s potlife. Potlife will decrease as the ambient temperature and/or mass size increases.


Preformed holes should be approximately ¼" (6.35mm) larger in diameter than the anchor bolt diameter. The depth of the hole should be 10-15 times the bolt diameter. Fill the hole from the bottom up, about half way with mixed epoxy and place the bolt, dowel or rebar. Top off with more epoxy and finish. All anchoring and doweling configurations must be approved or designed by an engineer.

CRACKS IN VERTICAL OR OVERHEAD STRUCTURES: For non-moving cracks and joints, use a trowel
to apply the paste full depth and strike off flush at the surface in a single pass. For structural crack injection repairs, use a dual-component gel pump.

PATCHES IN CONCRETE STRUCTURES: GEL PASTE makes a high-strength material for patching, topping, grouting and repairing spalls and other defects in concrete. Average thickness of the patch or topping should be no greater than ¼ to ½" (6.35 to 12.7mm) per lift.

SURFACE SEALING: Apply mixed epoxy over entire length of crack to be pressure injected. Ensure complete encapsulation to avoid leaking. Adjacent concrete surfaces must be mechanically abraded to ensure a proper bond. Allow for suitable cure time prior to injecting.

OTHER BONDING: To bond cured concrete or metal to concrete, apply a layer no less than a 1/64" (.40mm) to the prepared surface and join immediately. No firm clamping pressure is necessary beyond what will hold parts in place. When bonding fresh concrete to cured concrete, apply GEL PASTE at approximately
85-100 ft²/gal. (2.1-2.4 m²/L). NOTE: Cured concrete surfaces to be bonded should be at least 28 days old.

CLEANUP: Tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately with Toluene or Xylene. Clean equipment away from heat, sparks and open flame and avoid breathing vapors or allowing epoxy-containing solvent to contact skin. Should this material come in contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water; not solvent.

Not recommended for use when the concrete temperature has been below 40ºF for the past 24 hours. Do not thin with solvents or use to seal cracks under hydrostatic pressure. Do not warm epoxy over direct heat . . . use the double-boiler method or store material in warm room for 24 hours prior to application. Unused epoxy will generate excessive heat, especially in large quantities. Unused epoxy should be mixed with dry sand in the container to help lower the heat.

Refer to Product Material Safety Data Sheet for complete Health and Safety Information.

This material last updated December, 2001.

W.R.MEADOWS,INC. warrants that at the time and place we make shipment, our material will be of good quality and will conform with our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order. Read complete warranty. Copy furnished upon request.

The information contained herein is included for illustrative purposes only, and to the best of our knowledge, is accurate and reliable. W.R.MEADOWS,INC. cannot however under any circumstances make any guarantee of results or assume any obligation or liability in connection with the use of this information. As W.R.MEADOWS, INC. has no control over the use to which others may put its product, it is recommended that the products be tested to determine if suitable for specific application and/or our information is valid in a particular circumstance. Responsibility remains with the architect or engineer, contractor and owner for the design, application and proper installation of each product. Specifier and user shall determine the suitability of
products for specific application and assume all responsibilities in connection therewith.

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