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Roof Traffic Pads




NO. 761

Roof Traffic Pads

SEALTIGHT WHITEWALK Roof Traffic Pads and DUO-PAD Roof Traffic and Vibration Protection Pads provide design authorities, roofing contractors and building owners with 2 ways to cost-effectively protect and isolate roofing systems from destructive maintenance traffic and machinery vibration.

Tremendous demands are being placed on the integrity of building roof systems. The roof stands as a ready platform to accept today's broad array of environmental equipment including heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment, solar collectors, water supply, electronic and window washing equipment, signs and displays. The utilization of the roof to accommodate all of these activities generates a steady flow of traffic to install, service, maintain and secure this equipment. As a result, the integrity of the roofing system is subjected to a constant flow of potentially destructive traffic never planned for by the roofing system manufacturer.

To solve this problem, specify and apply a roof walkway of tough, durable and aesthetically pleasing roof traffic pads. The installation of SEALTIGHT WHITEWALK and/or DUO-PAD provides a designated "safe" area on which to walk. Highly absorbent, shock-resistant DUO-PAD Roof Traffic Pads are also ideal for application under machinery and equipment to safe-guard the roof and serve as anti-vibration pads. Used around the perimeter of the roof, they provide a safe roadway for the rolling of window washing equipment. SEALTIGHT WHITEWALK and DUO-PAD Roof Traffic Pads may be used individually or in conjunction with each other to provide the exact type of protection and safety desired for each roofing system.

Application Tools

Utility Knife

Roofer's Knife


WHITEWALK Guide Specification

Technical Description
SEALTIGHT WHITEWALK Roof Traffic Pads are multi-ply, asphaltic panels consisting of a reinforced carrier sheet, fortified asphaltic core and a non-slip top surface of white mineral granules that reflects heat, and helps assure safe footing. SEALTIGHT WHITEWALK is specifically designed to provide a durable, visually designated walkway over most types of roofing systems. It is commonly used wherever there's a need to protect the integrity of the roofing system from maintenance traffic.

SEALTIGHT WHITEWALK Roof Traffic Pads, with its white granular surface, provides an obvious, designated safe walkway for service routes to equipment of various types and traffic paths to, under and around signs and displays. WHITEWALK is compatible with fiberglass mesh, asphaltic coatings, asphalt-saturated felts, butyl rubber, neoprene, EPDM and most polyvinylchloride and plastic sheetings.

SEALTIGHT WHITEWALK is not recommended for use on areas such as sundecks, elevated patios, etc. where sharp or pointed furniture legs and high heel foot traffic would puncture its surface.

Features and Benefits
bulletWhite reflective surface serves as a visual traffic guide
bulletEasy to handle and install no special tools required
bulletFully compatible with most currently popular roofing systems
bulletAbsorbs the impact of traffic with its tough asphaltic core
bulletAvailable in 3 thicknesses
bulletVirtually maintenance-free

Built-up roofing and Modified Bitumen Systems: Apply WHITEWALK Roof Traffic Pads after the roof has been completely surfaced with gravel, slag, etc. Sweep away all loose surfacing materials from the area to receive the WHITEWALK panels. Install the panels with spot applications of plastic cement or the same coating used to embed the gravel. Embed and step each panel into the spot applied cement or coating. Single-Ply Roofing Systems. Consult the manufacturer of the roofing system for assurance of compatibility with the WHITEWALK panels and for adhesive recommendations.

NOTE: WHITEWALK Roof Traffic Pads should be spaced and applied like stepping stones to permit the unrestricted flow of free water. Apply with minimum of 1" to 3" (25.4mm to 76.2mm) between panels. Do not butt tightly. WHITEWALK can be cut to size on the job to fit around roof equipment.

1/2" x 3' x 5' & 6' (12.7mm x .91m x 1.5m & 1.83m)
3/4" x 3' x 3' & 5' (19.05mm x .91m x .91m & 1.5m)
330 lbs. (16.11 kg/m)
495 lbs. (24.17 kg/m)




Roof Traffic and Vibration Protection Pads  DUOPAD Guide Specification

Technical Description
SEALTIGHT DUO-PAD Roof Traffic and Vibration Protection Pads are composed of reprocessed rubber and selected bonding agents to provide tough, durable and impact-absorbent panels compatible with current popular roofing adhesives.

DUO-PAD was developed to meet the ever-increasing popularity of the many single-ply roofing systems plus the desire of many in the industry to use a rubber-to-rubber roof walkway. They are equally effective for built-up roofs. SEALTIGHT DUO-PAD offers the same positive protection and safety for the roofing system as does WHITEWALK, when used to provide a designated "safe" area for maintenance traffic.

In addition, the dense, durable, rubber composition of DUO-PAD offers dual application versatility as it provides safety and protection for the roof when used as machinery pads and anti-vibration pads under HVAC and other equipment installed on the roof.

SEALTIGHT DUO-PAD Roof Traffic and Vibration Pads are available in 3 thicknesses for application flexibility. The 3/4" thick DUO-PAD is ideal for application on the perimeter of the roof to provide a shock absorbent "roadway" for the rolling of window washing equipment. In this application, the highly absorbent DUO-PAD increases the mobility of the equipment and effectively absorbs the shock of the equipment impact without reflecting or transmitting the shock to the roofing membrane.

Features and Benefits

bulletProvides a safe, sure-footed protective walkway
bulletInstalls quickly and easily. Simple to cut and conform to roof openings or obstructions
bulletIdeal for single-ply or built-up roof applications
bulletMulti-functional use as roof traffic and machinery anti-vibration pad
bulletAvailable in 3 thicknesses

ADHESIVES: SEALTIGHT DUO-PAD Traffic Pads are compatible with most currently popular synthetic EPDM and PVC adhesives. DUO-PAD should be spot adhered to the roofing membrane with a high-bonding adhesive, as recommended by the roofing membrane manufacturer. The adhesive must be compatible with the roofing membrane. When spot-adhering DUO-PAD, make sure that all corners receive adhesive. However, when installing on a roofing membrane not bituminous in nature, obtain adhesive recommendations from the manufacturer of the roofing system. Remove gravel from the area to be covered on built-up roofs. When hot asphalt is used, let surface cool until tacky, and then spot adhere the DUO-PAD to the roof surface.

On new construction, apply DUO-PAD directly to the roofing membrane. On existing roofs, carefully remove the existing gravel from the area to be covered. Apply 2 plies of felt, fully mopped-in with the same bitumen used in its built-up roof construction, and place the DUO-PAD in position. Install SEALTIGHT DUO-PAD in stepping stone fashion, with 1" (25.4mm) to 3" (76.2mm) spacing between, to permit the unrestricted flow of free water.

SEALTIGHT DUO-PAD Traffic Pads are easy to cut on the job to fit around drains, obstacles and roof top equipment. If the standard thicknesses do not provide a walkway as thick as desired, 2 or more pieces can be laminated on-site using any currently popular rubber adhesive.

3/8" x 30" x 48" (9.53mm x .76m x 1.22m)
1/2" x 30" x 48" (12.7mm x .76m x 1.22m)
3/4" x 32" x 48" (19.05mm x .81m x 1.22m)
Other lengths available upon request.
24.5 lbs. (11.1 kg)
32.5 lbs. (14.7 kg)
51.75 lbs. (23.5 kg)

Read and follow application information, precautions and Material Safety Data information.

This material last updated October 2000


W. R. MEADOWS, INC. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform with our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order. THE FOREGOING WARRANTY SHALL BE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OTHERWISE ARISING BY OPERATION OF LAW, COURSE OF DEALING, CUSTOM OF TRADE OR OTHERWISE. As the exclusive remedy for breach of this Warranty, we will replace defective materials, provided, however, that the buyer examine the materials when received and promptly notify us in writing of any defect before the materials are used or incorporated into a structure. Three (3) months after W. R. MEADOWS, INC. has shipped the materials, all our Warranty and other duties with respect to the quality of the materials delivered shall conclusively be presumed to have been satisfied, all liability therefore terminates, and no action for breach of any such duties may thereafter be commenced. W. R. MEADOWS, INC. shall in no event be liable for consequential damages. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, no warranty is made with respect to materials not manufactured by W. R. MEADOWS, INC. We cannot warranty or in any way guarantee any particular method of use or application of the performance of materials under any particular condition. Neither this Warranty nor our liability may be extended or amended by our salesmen, distributors or representatives, or by our distributor's representatives, or by any sales information or drawings.

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