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NO. 224


Provides a proven, cost-effective alternative to hot-applied sealants.

SEALTIGHT SOF-SEAL Cold-Applied Low-Modulus Horizontal Joint Sealant is a premium-quality, cold-applied, two-component, polymeric, pourable sealant developed as a versatile, easy-to-apply, cost-effective method for preventative maintenance service on all types of crack and joint sealing projects.

SEALTIGHT Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL Low-Modulus Horizontal Joint Sealant is a premium-grade, pourable, two-component, horizontal sealant composed of a special combination of polymeric compounds, that provides outstanding performance in both Portland Cement and asphaltic concrete. Once properly mixed and applied, it cures to a soft, highly-flexible, rubber-like material that is capable of maintaining a sealed joint or crack over a wide temperature range. Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL does not track in the summer and will not become brittle at temperatures as low as -20F (-29C). It remains soft, flexible and pliable in the joint, even after repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL offers excellent elongation, high resiliency, tenacious bonding power and excellent longevity. This self-leveling sealant requires no special application equipment and can easily be poured into cracks and joints.

Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL is a versatile pavement sealant suitable for both large or small-scale sealing. It is excellent for crack repair and preventative maintenance sealing projects. It is ideal for use when a maintenance group doesn't have a melter, or where it is not practical to fire-up and repeatedly move melter-applicator units (small-scale sealing projects). Typical applications include the sealing of expansion and contraction joints, longitudinal joints and random cracks in concrete pavements, reflective and random cracks in asphaltic paving and asphaltic-to-concrete shoulder joints. It's ideal for high-sheer bridge joint applications. In addition, Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL can be used as a pitch pan sealer.

Features and Benefits

bulletProvides a cost-effective alternative to hot-applied sealants
bulletDelivers reliable, consistent performance even during cold weather or after repeated freeze/thaw cycles
bulletRemains pliable in the joint for years a superb preventative maintenance factor
bulletAccommodates joint movement effectively over a wide range of temperatures
bulletOffers exceptional elongation and longevity, high resiliency and tenacious bonding power
bulletRejects ingress of incompressibles
bulletDoes not become brittle or crack out in winter...will not flow in warm weather
bulletA proven alternative to silicone-base sealants
bulletCan be used as a pitch pan sealant

Application Tools


Electric Drill with Flat Paddle

Wooden Mixing Paddle

Jiffy Mixer

JOINT SIZES...Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL should be used in joints not less than 1/4" (6.35mm) wide. A 2:1 width-to-depth ratio should be maintained. However, in no case should joint sealant depth be less than 1/4" or exceed 1/2". Proper joint design practices and application techniques must be followed for successful performance.

JOINT PREPARATION...Remove foreign substances, incompressibles and free water from joint opening. For proper adhesion, joints must be clean and dry. Dust, dirt and laitance should be removed prior to application. SOF-SEAL adheres well to unprimed concrete; however, the use of P/G Primer is recommended for optimum adhesion. To control sealant depth, insert SEALTIGHT KOOL-ROD Backer Rod or SEALTIGHT DECK-O-FOAM
in the joint before sealing. For larger joints, where additional support is required, use a non-asphaltic joint filler such as CERAMR Flexible Foam Expansion Joint Filler (Refer to Data Sheet No. 323). For straight joint edges, mask off top surfaces with masking tape.

MlXING: The 2 components of Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL are pre-measured and must be mixed together at 1 time. Add Part A, the activator, to Part B and mix to blend thoroughly. Mixing can be accomplished by hand (see B) or with a variable speed drill operated at slow speeds (see A). In either case, the mixing should be interrupted occasionally and the mixing paddle used to wipe material from the sides and bottom of the container for thorough blending.

A. PREFERRED METHOD: Mixing with a variable speed drill fitted with a slotted, flat-headed paddle is best accomplished when the drill is operated at slow speeds not to exceed 400 rpm. MIXING TIME IS 5 MINUTES MINIMUM.

B. Mixing by hand can be accomplished with a flat, wooden mixing paddle. MIXING TIME BY HAND IS 8 MINUTES MINIMUM.

POURING: Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL may be poured from its original container or any clean container suitable for pouring. A commercial sealing pot equipped with a narrow pouring spout and shutoff valve is ideal. To facilitate prompt opening to vehicular traffic, about 1 hour after applying sealer, dust with limestone dust or talc, as an example, to minimize tracking. Clean up before material has cured, with an aromatic solvent such as Toluene. After material has cured, it will be necessary to cut or abrade the material from equipment.

Two-component, Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL is packaged in convenient 3 gallon (11.36 liter) Units. The base material is furnished in an oversized container suitable for mixing and pouring. The activator is furnished in a bottle inserted in a plastic bag which is wire-tied to the bale and hangs inside the container. Both components are pre-measured to exact quantities. Mix all materials in container; do not mix partial units.

7.47 gals./ft (1,000 liters/m). A joint 1/2" X 1/2" (12.7mm x 12.7mm) will require 1.3 gals./100 linear feet (16 liters/100m).

Shelf Life
SOF-SEAL should be stored in a cool warehouse. Like many top-quality, two-component sealants, SOF-SEAL has a limited (maximum 6 months) shelf life and should be used as quickly as possible after purchase.
NOTE: Do not open pail until ready to use, as this significantly reduces shelf life.

Limitations / Precautions
Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL components are pre-measured to exact quantities. Mix all materials in container; do not mix partial units or dilute. SOF-SEAL is specifically formulated to remain soft and pliable in pavement joints and cracks and is not suggested for application in plaza decks, shopping malls and other areas subjected to mass pedestrian traffic, high heels, etc. Prior to mixing, Cold-Applied SOF-SEAL should be stored at temperatures of 55F (13C) or higher. Apply only when the temperatures of the air and joint interfaces are 40F (4C) or higher. Do not use on wet joints.

Health Hazards
Avoid contact with skin or prolonged breathing of vapors. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for complete Health and Safety Information.

Application life @ 70F (21C)
Penetration mm/10
@ 77F (25C)
@ 0F (-18C)
Flow, cm
Resilience, %
Bond test, 3 cycles
200% extension @ -20F (-29C)
Elongation, 300% @ -20F (-29C)
45 Minutes


Pass 3 cycles
Pass 1 cycle

This material last updated December, 2001.

W. R. MEADOWS, INC. warrants that, at the time and place we make shipment, our materials will be of good quality and will conform with our published specifications in force on the date of acceptance of the order. THE FOREGOING WARRANTY SHALL BE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OTHERWISE ARISING BY OPERATION OF LAW, COURSE OF DEALING, CUSTOM OF TRADE OR OTHERWISE. As the exclusive remedy for breach of this Warranty, we will replace defective materials, provided, however, that the buyer examine the materials when received and promptly notify us in writing of any defect before the materials are used or incorporated into a structure. Three (3) months after W. R. MEADOWS, INC. has shipped the materials, all our Warranty and other duties with respect to the quality of the materials delivered shall conclusively be presumed to have been satisfied, all liability therefore terminates, and no action for breach of any such duties may thereafter be commenced. W. R. MEADOWS, INC. shall in no event be liable for consequential damages. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, no warranty is made with respect to materials not manufactured by W. R. MEADOWS, INC. We cannot warranty or in any way guarantee any particular method of use or application of the performance of materials under any particular condition. Neither this Warranty nor our liability may be extended or amended by our salesmen, distributors or representatives, or by our distributor's representatives, or by any sales information or drawings.


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